The Story of Dubai’s Most Premium Abaya Label

Beyond is a Luxury Abaya brand in Dubai with an Abaya and Kaftan range which is demure at its roots but has grown with a sense of stylish sophistication for the modern woman. Our collections are born out of the desire to create a timeless wardrobe of sustainable pieces that are exquisitely crafted. With offerings that range from contemporary Abayas to effortlessly gorgeous Kaftans, every item stands out, but with a versatility that never looks overpowering and preserves the elegance of luxurious Abayas and Kaftans.

Beyond, was founded by Khulood Al Nakhi. A woman of vision and deep knowledge, Khulood Al Nakhi is an accomplished Banker, CEO, Creative Director, Mother and Wife, who has succeeded in creating a luxury clothing brand that pairs versatility and modern detailing seamlessly.

Khulood Al Nakhi - CEO of Beyond


Khulood Al Nakhi

“Beyond understands how busy the lives of modern women are, balancing life between work and family. And keeping that in mind, we have created Beyond, a brand for a multitasking, fashionable woman" Al Nakhi says of her design vision. 


Beyond Luxuary clothing 

Expert craftsmanship, luxury fabrics, and distinctive silhouettes are at the foundation of each collection. Sustainability is at the center of the brands’ philosophy. Beyond’s team has travelled across the world to source the most exquisite fabrics to craft perfect Abaya and Kaftans from craftsmen that share a vision of creating elegant and exquisite clothing.

 Keep an eye out for our spring-summer 2021 collection.

Beyond's Collection