Floral Abaya Collection For A Special Occasion

With winter approaching, it’s that time of the year where special occasions come knocking at your door. This is the time where big events are announced, and festivities commence. In no time your calendars are filled with plans of outings, get together, local events, and celebrations. This is also the time when the need for vibrant abayas that match the tone of these events become more cardinal. 

One such collection that manages to win everyone’s attention during this exciting period is the ever-natural floral abaya collection. 

Floral Abaya

Floral designs are often seen as a sign of life and prosperity, thereby giving it the ability to bring out bright natural colors in any ordinary environment. So before you head out shopping for these exquisite attires to update your winter wardrobe collection, we decided to bring you some of our floral design suggestions that could help simplify your buying decisions before any special occasions:


floral organza abaya

The elegant aura of organza designs  

The floral organza abaya from our Iconic Pieces comes as a great option for any noteworthy event due to its premium build and the rich use of Italian fabrics. Organza, in general, is a very sheer and rich material that originally hailed from Turkestan. The fine hint of silk in organza helps it in giving a delicate and elegant feel. Also, one of the main reasons why women prefer wearing organza is because it’s very breathable and lightweight.

In fact, in a recent interview with Marie Claire, Sophia AI, the humanoid from Hanson Robotics, was seen wearing one of our floral abaya designs from the Iconic collection. 

floral jacquard abaya

The classic feel of jacquard materials

The floral jacquard abaya from our Iconic collection is an excellent option for women that are craving something stylish and durable while being classy at the same time. With a structured and wrinkle-resistant feel that is perfect for everyday wear, our floral jacquard abaya will make you feel vibrant and stylish on any special occasion.   

Interested in knowing more about our floral abayas? Head on to Beyond’s Iconic and Tera collection and choose from a variety of fabric and design options.