.BEYOND is a niche, luxury, sustainable ready-to-wear fashion label founded in 2019 in Dubai by Emirati entrepreneur Khulood Al Nakhi.

The brand is committed to creating timeless pieces and redefining modest fashion with a modern twist. BEYOND focuses on using the finest fabrics from Italy, France and Japan with a high-end approach to design and tailoring. Their signature look by .BEYOND is feminine elegance and timeless, yet modern and bold.
.BEYOND Team is passionate about making a positive impact in the modest fashion sector by inspiring and support women around the world to feel confident and empowered. 



The ‘Beyond’ team travels around the world to source and carefully hand pick the most exclusive fabrics from the best manufacturers and place complex thought-process to each piece. We provide tremendous value to our customers in terms of quality, sustainability and luxury and are committed to execute simple yet eye-catching designs of high quality that leave an everlasting impression.



Every single detail is designed to meet client’s preferences and embrace her shape, character and curves as BEYOND offers special bespoke services. The brand encourages women to welcome their uniqueness and love their body by creating made-to-measure clothes from high end sustainable fabrics and providing them with a distinctive tailoring experience. By having skilful experts in luxury fashion embroidery your custom clothing also en-devours to provide a premium hassle free monogramming service.



The brand is committed to keeping no stock, no over production, no waste and offers natural fabrics that are biodegradable and that cause less harm to the environment. BEYOND always works towards reducing the waste caused by the fashion industry by creating custom-made garments from luxurious, recycled, eco-friendly fabrics. Every piece is made to personal body measurements from high-end surplus fabrics to ensure impeccable quality.