Escape to a place where daydreams find refugee in a better world, where the sun fades colours to airy tones of sky blue, off white, beige and gold; shines even in the darkest tones of black and grey, and fabrics fly wild in the breeze right in time for the new spring and summer season.


‘Terra’ presents a wide array of classic yet sophisticated abayas and kaftans, made of the finest Italian fabrics transformed with a conservative spin.

'Terra’ offers an immersive

journey through the wonders of the natural world with an escape through the roots of a forest while still addressing the hidden harmful impacts of our choices. 

It is said that

the only things worth seeing are beyond what you can see,

but this season

they may also be things beyond what you can wear as ‘BEYOND’, takes an extra mile, beyond fashion, beyond sustainability, to a more radical approach joining the two worlds together.


Our looks