Sophia Robot Flaunts her Abaya from Beyond

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, a renowned fashion magazine, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot was seen flaunting the floral organza abaya from Beyond’s Iconic collection. Sophia the robot was developed by Hanson Robotics and currently holds the title of “Champion of Innovation” bestowed by the United Nations. 

Floral Abaya

The floral Abaya looked just right for the occasion, taking the classy element of the event up a notch. After this event, it’s safe to say that when it comes to abayas everyone, be it a human or an AI, prefers Beyond because of its premium feel and rich usage of Italian fabrics. It was an honour to work with Sophia and share our perspectives on design and life in general with each other. 

At this interview, Sophia robot was seen discussing crucial and complex topics like the symbiotic relationship between AIs and humans, the future of art, and the value of human expressions. 

Now, towards the big question… Why Beyond?

Beyond comes as one of the few luxury clothing brands in UAE that offer the right combination of femininity and sophistication. Made with luxury Italian fabrics, our designs take into account the nuances of modest dressing and are the ideal blend of modernity and cultural heritage. 

Floral abaya dress
For everyone wondering where we can find Sophia's outfit, head over to our Iconic collection to find the organza abaya.