Sustainable Fashion: The future we need in the present!

With more and more people realising the negative effects of fast fashion, our depleting natural resources, it's time we take sustainability seriously.

Sustainable Fashion

Positive Luxury with its Butterfly Mark is setting a benchmark for other brands to follow and to help educate the public at large about what Sustainability in fashion means and why we need to embrace it. 

luxury women's clothing brand

We at. Beyond are not just a luxury women's clothing brand, we have also committed ourselves to be future-forward and planet-conscious. 

This vision led to the creation of Terra, our first line of sustainable luxury abayas and kaftans that you can now buy online. Crafted with passion and care, these exquisite pieces were made to make you stand out and make a statement not just with how you look but to symbolise how you see a future, one where sustainability isn't excellence but the norm.

sustainable luxury abayas and kaftans

Be the change we need today, be a part of a cleaner industry, be a part of a more sustainable ecosystem, be . Beyond.