About Terra: 

Inspired by the planet and designed for the future with an eye on sustainability, Terra is a perfect amalgamation of elegant and beautiful Abayas and Kaftans, made of the finest Italian fabric. The styling is classic and sophisticated, with a contemporary spin. The idea behind the collection is to make modest clothing that is both comfortable and beautiful, with an emphasis on the quality and sustainability of the fabrics and attention to the finest of details. 

Italian fabric


We often judge a book by its cover, but what's underneath is what matters. It's not just about how you look in what you wear, with natural resources on the decline, what you wear needs to support the ecosystem we live in, the planet we call home. 

beautiful Abayas and Kaftans


In a world where fashion is increasingly unsustainable, Terra goes the extra mile beyond sustainability, beyond aesthetics to radical approaches that are unique, far-reaching, and a perfect symbiosis of sustainability, elegance, and fashion.

women’s high-end clothing

Explore the unexplored, experience the unrivaled, you don’t need to just dress to impress, you need to experience the change and be a part of a healthy ecosystem, one that we can be proud of passing on to the next generations. Click here to women’s high-end clothing at its best.